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Package com.jcabi.github

Object Oriented Github API.

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Package com.jcabi.github Description

Object Oriented Github API.

The only dependency you need is (check our latest version available at


There are some design conventions in this library, which is important to keep in mind.

Sometimes we use JsonObject as an input argument for a method (for example, in Repos), somewhere else we use Map (see Issues#iterate(Map)), in other case we use just a few plain Java types (see DeployKeys#create(String,String)), and sometimes we combine them (see Hooks). This is not a bug, it's done intentionally. The logic is simple. Class JsonObject is used when Github API is expecting a JSON object as HTTP request body. Map is used when Github API expects HTTP query parameters, and some of them are optional, and there are more than two of them. In all other situations we're using plain Java types.

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