Class CarefulWire

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    public final class CarefulWire
    extends Object
    implements com.jcabi.http.Wire
    Wire that waits if number of remaining request per hour is less than a given threshold.

    Github sets following headers in each response: X-RateLimit-Limit, X-RateLimit-Remaining, and X-RateLimit-Reset. If X-RateLimit-Remaining is less than a given threshold, CarefulWire will sleep until a time specified in the X-RateLimit-Reset header. For further information about the Github rate limiting see API documentation.

    You can use CarefulWire with a Github object:

     Github github = new RtGithub(
         new RtGithub().entry().through(CarefulWire.class, 50)
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    Alexander Sinyagin (
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      • CarefulWire

        public CarefulWire​(com.jcabi.http.Wire wire,
                           int thrshld)
        Public ctor.
        wire - Original wire
        thrshld - Threshold of number of remaining requests, below which requests are blocked until reset